Whoa ! I signed in and thought the forums had been eliminated...

Took me a good 5-6 minutes to find them again.  Is this on purpose? 

Picture of Whoa !  I signed in and thought the forums had been eliminated...
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mole15 years ago
I'm not sure how I finally got here, but yeah, I'm wondering what happened, too. Wondering if I can find this page again.....
Goodhart (author)  mole15 years ago
Under MORE and Categories...
Questions and Answers,
Community Forums too,
All hidden, so sad.
Stupid design flaws
They could have been avoided
But they don't listen
Kiteman5 years ago
Here's a thought; why not re-name the "more" tab? Call it "community", and that covers both forums and Q&A.
That would make more sense... I just don't like how 'radio shack' and 'Ace' took over a lot of realestate... (like they are somehow 'more important').
They'll have paid* for the privilege (similar things have been done in the past).

(* Through their corporate noses, I hope.)
Looks like they're still fiddling with the menus.... it use to just say "quick fixes" now it says "Ace Quick Fixes"...
people thought the quick fix to the tabs were in there and didn't want to field the angry viewers.
lol... funny enough, that's what I thought... like somehow clicking on the link would restore the website to its former glory. ;)
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