Who's Cannon Rules----------I_AM_CANADIAN's heavy cannon rules!!

Its official, and i accept my defeat, IAC's was rated better and more people prefer it. How will it compare to my newest instructable, my HIGH POWER CROSSBOW. Whose cannon is better, My Light Cannon V2.2, or I_AM_CANADIAN's Heavy cannon V5. They are both special in their own ways. His is more powerful and flies 80 feet. It loads in over 30 seconds. Mine is a little less powerful but flies almost 150 feet. Mine loads in under 15 seconds. Also, Mine uses 8 rubber bands and his uses 16. Here is the puncturing using the same front on the ammo. Try to build them before you decide. WHOSE IS BETTER. Note-I did not fake these pictures. Try them yourself and the results will be the same. I am not trying to start a fight I just want to see whose you think is better. Note. The Video was shot with IAC's V5 and my V2.3. I just built V3.0 but did not post it yet.

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I'm not trying to hurt your feelings in any way but the heavy cannon v5 cannot be beaten to put it in perspective for you, it would be like a fight between Larry the cable guy and Chuck Liddell, Larry is a pretty big guy that you don't really want to mess with but chuck will pound him to the ground... i know it was a stupid mete-fore
The Jamalam8 years ago
Nothing can beat IAC's heavy cannon. NOTHING!
Z35 can, and chuck norris
*shoots the Z35 with the IAC heavy cannon*
*shoots you in eye with Z35, you drop cannon, i order it to scrap yard
That was an illegal move, your Z35 broke after I shot it.
Comes in helicopter with a bunch or cannons mounted and provides artillery against the Z35.

I win.
BUNKER i win
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