Who's Going to the Maker Faire?

Hey everyone! I was just wondering who was going to the maker faire! I thought it might be cool to meet some of the instructable go-ers'!

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kcls7 years ago
Everyone from instructables who is at the NY Faire needs to wear an instructables T-Shirt and a name-tag with our username on it. That way we can all identify each other.
CrLz kcls7 years ago
Name tags would be fun.

How about a mod from Make an instructables patch to apply to your projects by derte84? Have the qr-code link to our profile's URL.  Design a border similar to derte84's that highlights/advertises Instructables.

Any one else interested?  Design collaboration?
faire name badge.JPG
kcls CrLz7 years ago
That's a good idea! Can we just copy that and edit our username, picture and QR-code onto it?
CrLz kcls7 years ago
Not my best work... just a quick hack to serve as an example. I'd like to see a better design- lets see what can come up.
canida7 years ago
We'll have an Instructables booth! Come by and say hi, and pick up some stickers. ;)
Who are the lucky winners that get to ride on an airplane for 5-6 hours? or do you drop ship the people working the booth? Hope to see you there!
The iblers that will be at the booth are tentatively, Christy, Eric, Corvidae and Dave.

We are always happy to have people drop by and show off their projects for a little while though. ;-)

If anyone is interested in helping out for a little while, there may be a free day pass involved (although, I'm not sure what they NYC ticket situation looks like yet). Interested parties should PM me for details.
Making a quick buck, hawking your wares, and child labor are what made our city so great.

Can I get a raise? Can I fly in First Class?
I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

     he must get that a lot, who is he?

My tickets should be in the mail soon.
Dave is our UI Engineer. He is already in NY. I think he will get to fly the L.I.E.
"UI Engineer"! Ah, so all the new stuff is his fault, eh?
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