Who's Going to the Maker Faire?

Hey everyone! I was just wondering who was going to the maker faire! I thought it might be cool to meet some of the instructable go-ers'!

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kcls5 years ago
Everyone from instructables who is at the NY Faire needs to wear an instructables T-Shirt and a name-tag with our username on it. That way we can all identify each other.
CrLz kcls5 years ago
Name tags would be fun.

How about a mod from Make an instructables patch to apply to your projects by derte84? Have the qr-code link to our profile's URL.  Design a border similar to derte84's that highlights/advertises Instructables.

Any one else interested?  Design collaboration?
faire name badge.JPG
kcls CrLz5 years ago
That's a good idea! Can we just copy that and edit our username, picture and QR-code onto it?
CrLz kcls5 years ago
Not my best work... just a quick hack to serve as an example. I'd like to see a better design- lets see what can come up.
canida6 years ago
We'll have an Instructables booth! Come by and say hi, and pick up some stickers. ;)
Who are the lucky winners that get to ride on an airplane for 5-6 hours? or do you drop ship the people working the booth? Hope to see you there!
The iblers that will be at the booth are tentatively, Christy, Eric, Corvidae and Dave.

We are always happy to have people drop by and show off their projects for a little while though. ;-)

If anyone is interested in helping out for a little while, there may be a free day pass involved (although, I'm not sure what they NYC ticket situation looks like yet). Interested parties should PM me for details.
Making a quick buck, hawking your wares, and child labor are what made our city so great.

Can I get a raise? Can I fly in First Class?
I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

     he must get that a lot, who is he?

My tickets should be in the mail soon.
Dave is our UI Engineer. He is already in NY. I think he will get to fly the L.I.E.
"UI Engineer"! Ah, so all the new stuff is his fault, eh?
Pretty much everything that goes wrong.
Were you guys and gals at the Detroit one? I would really like to see you all there next time!
more like stall or put in a holding pattern. The Long Island Expressway is a parking lot around there during rush hour.
Who is tentatively? Some new intern you haven't added to the About page yet (like poor carleyy)?
No... but we have former interns in the NYC area. I believe there is some negotiation (begging and coaxing) taking place.
On whose part? ;)
I said who's on first!
Robot Lover (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I get to ride on an airplane for a minimum of an hour!
I got to ride on an airplane for less than an hour and had to jump out.
Robot Lover (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
You too, can join the military, travel to foreign lands, meet exotic people and ...
Were you guys and gals at the Detroit one? I would really like to see you all there next time!
Robot Lover (author)  canida5 years ago
I think you guys should give out some sillicon bracelets that say instructables. I will design a bracelet and maybe you could sell em' or give them out.
I went to the Detroit Maker Faire, it rocked! (slideshow here)
Goodhart6 years ago
There was one in Detroit over the weekend....and I am going to the one in Queens NYC in Sept.
kcls Goodhart6 years ago
I am so going to the NYC one. I have been wanting to go to a maker faire since I started using instructables. Too bad instructables isn't going to be there.
kelseymh kcls6 years ago
They are! See Christy's post (Aug 4, 2010. 2:15 PM).
kcls kelseymh6 years ago
Wow. I am now EXTREMELY excited for this. I mean, I was excited before, but now I am EXTREMELY excited.
Goodhart kcls6 years ago
Yes, I hadn't known about the post Kelsey mentioned, but I created an event on Facebook about it, and both them and a few other iblers are going to be there, plus possibly a few others I know (I may even have company with me when I come up there :-) although the wife is not wanting to come :-(
You'll know me by my picture....I have gone beardless again, so it is accurate; and I think I may be able to even wear that shirt :-)
Good call on the shirtless vs. beardless option.
I hear they actually arrest you for indecent exposure up North.
Seems unfair that the guys are allowed to go topless but they gals aren't......maybe we should hold a protest? LR, do you want to lead that ?


(ALSO - never ever ever google dirty old man)

(Under any pretext)

Pfft.....can't even pay someone a compliment anymore
Robot Lover (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago


0_o ?
+1 good choice of picture :D
If you are not sporting a proper fake tan, the fashion police will be after you.
That they do!
Not shirtless, I was going to wear that shirt OR the one I purchased from Maker Shed at a discount, that is a maker faire shirt.....
kcls kelseymh6 years ago
and does it say 2:15 PM for you? It says 12:15 PM for me. Hmm... Timezone differences is that new?
kelseymh kcls6 years ago
No, that's my fault (hand-typing instead of copy and paste). The timestamp is generated on the server side, and is always San Francisco local time.
kcls kelseymh6 years ago
That's what I thought.
randofo5 years ago
I shall be there! There will be a 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer booth.
Robot Lover (author)  randofo5 years ago
I think ima where an instructables shirt that says my username so some people might recognize me!
Robot Lover (author)  randofo5 years ago
I will definately comeover and talk to you! Will you be at the instructable booth too?
tesla946 years ago
I wish they still had the Austin one!
Kiteman6 years ago
Which one?

I'm hoping to get to the UK one in March.
Robot Lover (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I thought that is was in the bay area in may?

Maybe I'm wrong?
There are several annually, mostly around the US, but there's one in the UK as well.
Robot Lover (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Oh... Thanks!