Who's in Las Vegas?

Eric and I will be running an Instructables play area at Autodesk University in Las Vegas this year.

If you live nearby, or will be in Vegas between November 28-December 1 2011 (the week after Thanksgiving), comment here or send me a PM!  We'd like to invite you to stop by, show off what you're working on, and play with some of our toys. 

Why will this be awesome?  The folks from Epilog will be laser-engraving your gear, we'll be making LED Throwies and marshmallow guns (with a shooting gallery!), Lion Brand is sending yarn, and we'll be assembling 3D cardboard models like this.  There may also be a giant inflatable Instructables robot.

So! Do you live in or near Vegas?  Are you visiting, or attending AU?  Let me know, and stop by our booth at The Venetian. It's free to visit our space, as it's outside the conference proper.

SUPER-SEEKRIT BONUS: if you stop by and identify yourself as an Instructables member, you'll get one of our awesome new limited-edition Robot lapel pins.

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kveluz13 years ago
weaksauce .. i'll be leaving on the 27th .... is there anything going down on that sat. or sun. ? Instructables is my new obsession... i'd hate to miss you
florlayamp3 years ago
awesome, sounds like fun, ill be there
canida (author)  florlayamp3 years ago
Excellent! See you there.
Mrballeng3 years ago
See you at the Venetian!!!
canida (author)  Mrballeng3 years ago
Sweet! See you on Tuesday.
Sweet, I'll be there for sure!
canida (author)  CeruleanPhoenix3 years ago
Awesome, can't wait to meet you!
caitlinsdad3 years ago
Las Vegans?
Sounds like you pitched the idea to have a day-care area to mind the kids when everyone else is in class.
canida (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
We often like to think of ourselves as 14-year-old boys of all ages and genders.
*clutches marshmallow gun*
Wait, what?
canida (author)  Lithium Rain3 years ago
I think you heard me. :D
A little Dar Williams might clarify things... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE5YzRr9yPo&feature=fvwrel
Kiteman3 years ago
Lapel pins?

canida (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
They're pretty sweet.
Kiteman canida3 years ago
Any pictures?
PKM3 years ago