Who's up for "The Ultimate K'nex contest/challenge"

Yo yo peoples I was just wondering who would all be interested in my super contest. My grand challenge. My...my...something else great...the coo-- the aweso--...THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN YEAH!! Sorry getting a little excited. Sorry if this topic kills most of your other ideas for those who start contests. OK well I basically wanted to know what people thought were the best side arms, grenades, innovative gun, etc.. We had one for snipers so I'll just leave that one out as I'm sure no one wants to build them all. Well for now I just want to see who would all be interested in joining. I need at least 5 entries in each category so if I get enough then I'll set up the contest. Here are a couple of the categories I'll be having but there may be more (#=how many judges we have)
1-Best Side Arm dsman(#s), TheDunkis, popomaster, Radioactive
1-Most Innovative gun Tech-king, jollex, extreme builder, popomaster
2-Best Grenade/Explosive TheDunkis, I_am_Canadian, skate
1-Best semi-auto TheDunkis, extreme builder
-Best replica of another weapon TheDunkis, T-Man, dsman,Katarukito
-Best gun overall dsman, extreme builder, I_am_Canadian
We'll see what else comes up. I'll also need quite a few judges who will judge (duh) at least one of the categories that they won't be entering. They need to build all of the guns and test them and of course I'll take word from the public as well. The rules for entering a gun will go as follow.
1. You can only enter a gun that has an instructable sorry no out of instructable sites this just makes it easier
2. You cannot enter a gun that isn't yours even if you made the instructable for someone else
3. Your gun can't be someone elses but with mods. It has to be mostly your gun although it can contain some parts from other guns.
4. You have no word on anything in the category you enter. If I see any smack talk or bragging or if I see you trying to convince the judges then you are automatically eliminated from the whole thing and...you'll be shunned by me for the rest of your life. Shun shun shuuuuuunn!
If anyone has ideas for any other category be free to submit...preferbly if you'd be willing to judge it. I will not take anything relating to power.

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The Jamalam9 years ago
can i enter the storm 220 v1.7 for best semi auto? It's a slim chance, but it's possible!
TheDunkis (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
The storm 220 V1.7 knex bolt action rifle.
Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Sorry but...well the answer is obvious. I'll make another category that it may fit under though.
is it just semi auto then, because i will change the title if so.
your gun is not semi-auto, it's auto reloading.
isnt that semi-auto? if it auto-reloads and doesnt need to be pumped or cocked, its semi.
he still has to cock the gun.semi-auto is when the trigger pulls back the ram.
ohh. if it still needs cocking, its bolt action
no, it's fake bolt action.
its still good though right? =D
Auto reload as in bullets automatically go into the barrel.
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