Why Do all you awesome k'nex builders join the group but not post your guns?!

All of you great knexers join my group but a majority of you don't post guns.... Why? Ironman69: My knex hero/role model! You have all these great sidearms why don't yea post them? I Am Canadian: Well I'm Canadian too so be a fellow citizen and add your sidearms! (I LOVE THE SPIFF!) Oh and just in case you never saw it. I have another group called bolt, slide, and pump. Check it out! P.S. IRONMAN69 you have such a nice bolt action gun.... put it in my group! Lol Have fun!

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Could result in:
Canada's pants.
HA! Good one!
And we're not a hat, we're the pile of snow that lands on your head when someone shakes a tree above you :)
What kinds of jokes do you make about us Americans?
Most of them are grease-related. And shotguns. Or just... Guns in general.
Ah. Yes we do like our guns.
Uhh... Congrats on Getting Obama!
Lol, better than the old guy who needs a cain(TERRIBLE pun).
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