Why Don't big citys

Why dont big citiys like Californya use copper undertread in thair roads to let traffic induction charge a current back into there electrical grid?

Dum guy in Alaska. 

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That's a cool idea, even though it would be pretty expensive to implement. If you've got a wide open field you could do stuff with, you could probably make a nice test setup and put a design proposal in. <== multi-million dollar idea.
love it.
I simply love that Demotivational!
:D I'm quite pleased with it myself.
Perhaps another?
i think the OP was using the "Governator's" phonetic spelling. though, that would require it to be in all caps. "CALIFORNYA"
It would also require spelling similar to "CALLEEFORNEEYA"
kelseymh7 years ago
California is not a city, it's a state (like Alaska, but with more people).

Have you ever dug up a road? Or paid taxes to have someone else do it? Have you ever tried to drive somewhere after a road had been dug up and removed?

Traffic driving over a road won't "induce a current," because the cars are not magnetized.

(You build 1 tonne neodymium magnets into the road)
Why use Nd magnets? Why not build giant coil electromagnets, and power them with the current you collect from induction? You could even use some of that current to make HHO gas to run the cars!
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