Why I'm oppose to war

Follow the money. War profiteers have no morality , This weekend take the time to listen to a vet. Just listen, let them tell what war was like and the discussing how they have been treated when they returned. The art of listening with your ears listen to their voices. Eyes what are you seeing in the faces? look real close to their eyes.What are you feeling in your heart ?

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We have no Idea of what kind of conditions we might be living in if it wasn't for war. War kept the U.S from spliting.
Not really sure. I've been a christian since I was 5, and I've read the KJV bible through once. So I guess that's pretty sad I don't know. He has said to us if someone hurts you seven times, forgive them seventy times seven times. He has also said to turn the other cheek. My question is, why is this relavant?
OK, here's a bit of Sunday School for you:
Jesus's father had a fella called Moses write down the top most important rules / fundamental laws. In your KJV it's here: Exodus 20 The one to note is "Thou shalt not kill." Since Jesus does as his father says, he implicitly agrees with not killing people. You've also got this anti-killing classic: John 8

The other cheek thing is something to understand rather than learn. If you imagine someone hits you - that's wrong, hitting them is also wrong (that's fighting / war and people get hurt & unhappy). If you effectively invite someone to hit you again that looks wierd, so whether they do or not, the person and anyone watching should end up realising that they were wrong and that you are right.

Those where the ten commandments. I have them memorized. They were the moral law of the Jewish people. Later on they made a new set to go along with the ten; Moral, civil, and ceremonial law were the three groups that they separated them into. Point is, I fully understand the law of Moses.
Point taken.
canucksgirl5 years ago
An interesting viewpoint, written by Leo Tolstoy.
listen to a vet..
That's what Veterns day is all about. If you want to talk to one they will probably be at the Golden Coral getting their free meal (drink not included)

Memorial day is for those who were unable to come home due to making the ultimate sacrifice, both two legged and four.

While I have a strongly pseudo-pacifist bent in general when it comes to war (self-defense on an individual level being a notable exception), it isn't readily reducible to such terms. I hate to think what would have happened had the US not gotten involved in WWII, for example. But of course, usually wars are painted to their citizens as wars of (sometimes presumptive) self-defense against the enemy, regardless of whether that's true.

It's just a really complicated subject. Unless you have very extreme views, it's not really possible to reduce war to always good or always bad.
I'm currently part-way through "Churchill's Wizards", about the sneaker side of WWI & WWII. It's a history of camouflage in all it's forms.

I hadn't realised that the propaganda war ("camouflaging truth") was played on several fronts, including against the USA, to persuade you to Jon in WWI (I haven't gotten to WWII yet).

It worked.
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