Why Im posting this forum

Ok, im in computer class at the moment. Normally, I would be playing halo now, but some jerk uninstalled halo on all but one of the computers (that one computer has halo full), and I cant reinstall it because Microsoft has taken down the trial download, and the filters are blocking alternative download pages. So im browsing Instructables in Google Chrome now, and i was so bored, I thought I would post this forum. Lulz :-P

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grevious8 years ago
lol we used to have counterstrike on the computers in our viscom room, someone uninstalled them aswell :(
J Moneyman8 years ago
i don't think that i have a computer class.
i'm only in 8th grade! :o(
DJ Radio (author)  J Moneyman8 years ago
HA! im in 7th grade!
HA! u go hell cummin ur way in 8th grade brah\1
monkey basket
DJ Radio (author)  golddigger15598 years ago
You sure like commenting in random fun.
What a JERK! someone dis installed a game in our computer class too!
DJ Radio (author)  happybirthday8 years ago
Uninstalled i mean
DJ Radio (author)  happybirthday8 years ago
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