Why Vegan Is Good?

Here are four reasons that make me cook and eat vegan, and most important – enjoy it:
Vegan is Healthy - Eating vegan and fresh food several times per week will make you lose weight, look better, be full of energy and feel better. Go back to the roots.
Vegan is more Sustainable - Conventional livestock farming is the most polluting, water using, greenhouse gases emitting and cruel industry humans have ever managed to create. And don’t give me that crap about pesticides and migrant workers picking the vegetables – buy seasonal (see recipes for autumn-winter, spring-summer or all season meals) and local products. It’s your choice who you’re giving your money to after all!
Vegan brings Cultures together - Vegan meals are dominant menu in all ancient cultures – from India and the Middle East, through South East Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa.
Vegan is a Challenge - My first rule – never follow a recipe to the letter. Use your imagination and creativity, change it according to your personal taste, improvise and share your experience.
And here I am putting together a cookbook with easy vegan recipes and willing to share experience! 

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maganda11 year ago

It is not oily in the first sense

EdCharette1 year ago

I have a simple answer why began is good, there cannot be another better way to help animals suffering. Vegans are reported to have less cases of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure compare to meat eaters........

Vegan isn't good. IT'S GREAT!!!!

Conker-X6 years ago
Fun fact: Soya protein is not vegetarian.

It's prepared with enzymes extracted from animals.
Soylent Green is...

Soy-based cheeses are also non-vegan, as their texture is modified with casein, a milk-derived protein.
just wait until the Vegan Empire strikes back...
I doubt they'll have the physical stamina...

The best man at our wedding turned veggie, then vegan.

He's an intelligent man, but it wasn't many months before he was at the doctor, being prescribed a steak meal...

Even Ghandi had to partake of meat "for his health's sake" at several points in his life.
ugh...too weak for a...delicious retort...
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