Why are certain contests not available to all countries?

The coded creations contests are restricted to my country(India)... can i know why? is it because of delivery problem or something else?

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CarlTrin2 years ago

I could send this Acarajé receipe, but don't, i will not.

Because we, brazilian, are excluded from the contest.

I think that the whole world is loosing a chance to flavour this delicious, i'm not, i can taste it when i want to.

srao10 (author)  CarlTrin2 years ago

You can post it anyway without applying it for a contest(looks yummy :p)....

CarlTrin srao102 years ago

I will just because of you, it's very tasteful. Made with beans, palm oil (dende), coconut milk, shrimps, and another good stuff. Next time i will be posting here.

srao10 (author)  CarlTrin2 years ago

I can skip the shrimp rite? Just topping in the pic... *veg*

CarlTrin srao102 years ago

Sure, you can fill it with a thing you like most. Cheese for example.

For God sake, i can't see me not eating another animals, i wish i could, but don't. I disagree with how the animals are treated by the humans, there's no honor in that, i think that if everybody who like eat meat have to work in the process of killing and butchering, the majority will became a veg too, but not me, mainly fish and sea food, no regreat in that. You are a good soul.

CarlTrin2 years ago

Here in Brazil we have many types of snacks that could be winners in the snack contest and we are out of it. I think that ins't fair at all, i think that is some kind of elitism that the insctructables.com site is doing. If you can't ship the prize, fryer, so choose another kind of prize.

The prizes aren't the issue, it's the effort of making the contest legal in your country.

See my earlier comments about getting around the country rules.

All right, that's enough to me, i should know that some kind of stupid law is making our lives harder, here is the way the politicians kept people pressed.

Thank you for the answer.

mengel CarlTrin2 years ago

Yes, Mr. CarlTrin, I think the same to myself. Elitism - this is the perfect word for it. I think that my instructable was better than half of finalists but I am not from the right country. I can use my friends... I can dont make any instructable more.

kelseymh mengel2 years ago


Please read the explanation, as written by the founder of Instructables, before you make assumptions.

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