Why are there 21 finalist in the Teach-Me-Fast Contest

There where supposed to be 20 finalist and now that they have removed the rest of the videos from the contest home page it is showing 21 finalist. Was there a tie in the voting?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Sounds feasible.
What are you talking about? What sounds feasible? Are you just commenting because you have nothing better to do?
No, I was agreeing with Deathstick's hypothesis regarding 21 vs 20. Now, re-read your own post, contemplate what positive contribution you have made to the topic, then go and look up "irony" in the dictionary.
With my back hurting the way it does, I haven't been able to get ANY of my irony done all week. ;-)
Get yer coat...
coat smiley 02.jpg
Ok, you lost me there :-)
English phrase, used originally when somebody was being thrown out of the pub - get yer coat, yer leaving.
Did one learn this in his younger years?
I was never thrown out of a pub.

Carried out, many times...
0_o I find this hard to picture, somehow...
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