Why are your k'nex guns named as they are?

Why did you name your guns like they are? Was it random? Does it stand for something? Or is there some long or complicated reason involving foreign translation or coke or some film? eg. my storm guns are all good for fast fights with their quick reloads times. They are assault weapons, the german translation "Sturmgewehr", which can also be translated to mean storm rifle. the 22_ bit comes from the fact that it took me precisely 2 months and 20 days to perfect my rifle, and the number has gone up to help with chronology, not to do with hours. And you?

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mainly acronyms eg lckc=light combat knex cannon but i am working on project "firestorm" and that will be awsome
Skreetsha8 years ago
I just think of a cool name and then set it as a title. El Diablo means devil, NB-4 is a code name for Niko Bellic in GTA 4, etc.
J Moneyman8 years ago
ur german? i should've known about the storm rifle part! I did a project on the StG 44. PS- mine is named so because it is awesome
The Jamalam (author)  J Moneyman8 years ago
i'm not german! lol english
Not a good place to be confused!
The Jamalam (author)  knexguy8 years ago
knexguy8 years ago
I name my weapons after the real gun they are based on, or epic names.
Sypran8 years ago
umm my name, so Sypran- then what it is I guess. So "Sypranic 8 round Revolver" I'm not great at coming up with names and even then having my username in it is like how Colt, or other companys put their names into their guns
funguy294679 years ago
mkg = my knex gun
not milk
Wafflicious9 years ago
Mine are usually based on what they can do... like the "Corner Cutter" can be triggered from behind a wall.
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