Why aren't people posting full instructions?

Why aren't people posting full instructions? Seriously, so many of the new guys take pics of their completed gun, then post two pics and brag about how their gun is the best gun ever. I get that maybe you are too busy to make a full ible, but if you are going to post "the best gun ever" you really should post an ible. Thoughts?

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The reason that people post slideshows is because of this reason: People post it to show what they made, but don't have instructions. That's why they would not have instructions because they posted pictures in a section not intending to post instructions. Which is why under a slideshow submit it says post pictures of your completed projects that don't have instructions.

Also it's to much work and time to post instructions.
We all managed it, back in the day. People are becoming lazier, evidently.
Torpe (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Thank you. At least someone agrees with me.
too much work, not enough time.
-1 ;D
crestind6 years ago
Back in my day, K'nexers on Instructables actually posted instructions. Those were grand times.
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