Why can't I add my In distructabe to a contest

I have an existing indistructable and cannot add it to a contest please help ..I am unable to add it when I am editing or on my indistructable front page it is not listed ..Any thoughts

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seamster5 months ago


What contest are you trying to enter, and with which of your Instructables?

Be sure to check the open dates for specific contests to ensure that your Instructable was published during the correct time period to be eligible. If you have further questions, please shoot us an email to service@instructables.com, and we can help you out.

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager

jade7272 (author) 5 months ago

i am trying to enter the solar contest with my solar monitoring indistructable.

Unfortunately it looks like it may not be eligible for the Solar Contest as your Instructable was published before the contest was open for entries.

Your I'ble was published on the 13th of August, but the contest didn't open for entries until Monday the 14th.

Also I think the contest opening and closing times are on Pacific Time, so something else to keep in mind.

jade7272 (author) 5 months ago

That particular contest isnt listed