Why did my instructable get cut out?

It just disappeared during the voting from the contest. Is that because it got cut?

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It was removed from the ThinkGeek contest because it doesn't have a new use for a ThinkGeek item. Instead you were recreating one.
Yeah but in this forum https://www.instructables.com/community/awesome_but_can_I/

They were allowed.
jaxthecob (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
It was. And I had it entered for about a week, it was on the list.
If you mean your music box pick-up, then it still has the contest banner, and is still on your page as a contest entry, so I guess that it's still in the contest.

I'm not a judge or admin for the contest, but unofficially I'd say that your entry was valid. Just edit the third line of your intro to say "I have made a pickup for the DIY music box".
That one is in the contest. The one that was cut is the pill towel one.
jaxthecob (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
Aw, i really liked that one. Oh well. Good luck everybody!
Ah, the pill towel definitely doesn't qualify.
jaxthecob (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
So it got cut out? They said they accepted it. There was another forum that said the you could...
Maybe they accepted it because the project itself looked fine, but then they realised you weren't hacking the towels, you were recreating them.
jaxthecob (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
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