Why did you join Instructables?

Just wondering what aspect of this particular DIY community everyone finds appealing. For me it is the non-curatorial structure, allowing the community to invent and publish the content and participate on our own terms.

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
I googled science fair projects. I made the Beetlebot and won first prize. I saw so many cool stuff, I HAD to join!
wingman2469 years ago
well, originally i came for the weapons, explosives,and other dangerous things. but i haven't seen such things lately. So today its random things that catch my interest.
Doctor What9 years ago
For a while, I would look through all of the 'ibles and try out the projects. Then, I joined after I saw the awesome community that was here. And that's that.
TheDunkis9 years ago
*get's ready to be shot* well I got interested in homemade/office shooting devices. I came across knex along my journey and then eventually wound up here when search for instructions. I wanted to comment so I signed up and then I ended up making instructables myself. So yup I'm another anoying knexer tha-*gets shot*
John Smith10 years ago
I was around for a couple months before I joined. I joined so i could post comments, and to publish Instructables, whenever I get time. Can you believe that I have 5 unpublished instructs?
canida John Smith10 years ago
Can you believe that I have 5 unpublished instructs?

About what?

I've got a stack of pictures on my hard drive, as well as some in-progress Instructables.
John Smith canida10 years ago
-sugar rockets (WAS going to be a launch-it entry...but I waited too long.)
-making dextrin
-making cut stars
-PVC gun bipod
-(I'm gonna delete this one)

Yeah, 60% of them are about fireworks, but that is not all I do. They're just the ones that I was interested in at the time I started the Instructable.

I also like (in no specific order) melting aluminum, forging things, anything outdoors, using computers to help me design things, welding, any metalwork, any woodwork, stencils (not graffiti), chain maille, fireworks, and building ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Like hovercrafts.

Yeah, that was an overly complicated and not-entirely-on-topic response to your response, but oh well, I needed to get that out. It's not like the people at school care...
pdip_stiffi (author)  John Smith10 years ago
Oh damn, for a second I read making dextrin as making dexatrin! I thought how ironic an unfinished instructable on making your own ADD meds. Hahaha.
Haha. I love that.
No, sorry. :D
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