Why do I still get emails even though I have unsubscribed to everything?

I have unsubscribed to all emails.  Everything is unchecked.  But I still get the emails.  Why?  It's really starting to make me angry.

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I'm getting beyond annoyed with the same thing. I don't want the emails but I'm still getting them, and there is no place to unsubscribe to them. Which leads me to want to know just how to totally get rid of my profile here, and just completely leave. I can't find a way to do that either!

Not everyone can see the unsubscribe links in their email client/provider.

If you write into service@instructables.com, someone on staff will delete your email address from our newsletter distribution list. (I just took care of yours, so you should be all set.)

For the newsletters, scroll all the way to the bottom - there's an unsubscribe button there.

For other, site-generated emails (like the one you'll get about this comment), go to your You page, choose the Settings tab, then email alerts - just un-check any emails you don't want to get.

As for leaving, why? This is your first ever comment, so you've hardly scratched the surface of what you can find and do here, all for free, with no spam.

Kiteman3 years ago

If you mean the regular newsletter, that's on a different system to the site notifications.

If you have any left in your inbox, scroll waaaaay down to the bottom, and there's an unsubscribe link.

JM1999 Kiteman3 years ago

Are there any separate contests in the newsletter?

Kiteman JM19993 years ago


The newsletter goes to non-members as well as members who sign up with the box at the bottom of every page of the site.

JM1999 Kiteman3 years ago

hey you changed your profile picture, , , , finally!

Thanks for the answer too :)

Kiteman JM19993 years ago

"Finally"? I change it fairly regularly, I just change it back as well.

JM1999 Kiteman3 years ago

Well, it normally has an orange background behind it.

Kiteman JM19993 years ago

True, but I pinched it off this instructable.

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