Why do people hate art?

My "How to Make Art" Instructable has 4 negative ratings thus far (in less than a week). This makes me angry. It's not that terrible of an instructable. In fact, I think it's one of my better ones. I am lead to believe that one of the following is probably true: 1) People don't like seeing drawings of nude men on their homepage. 2) There are some boring self-righteous artists types visiting Instructables who clearly know nothing about great art. In fact, I bet they spend all of their time, at home -- alone -- telling their seven cats how Georgia O'Keefe was the greatest American artist. So, if you don't hate art, please give my instructable a good rating. If you do hate art, why are you clicking on it to begin with? There are plenty of other lesser Instructable for you to denigrate.

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. I don't think it's so much that ppl hate art as they dislike those that think everyone who does not "understand" their art is uncouth. ;)
. And let's face it, Art is in the eye of the beholder. Ie, I don't care what you call it, if I don't like it, it ain't Art. heehee
. Still no excuse to bash the efforts of others - if I don't like it, I don't have to look.
Kiteman9 years ago
The same people that gave negatives would probably also avoid minimalism, abstractism (is that a word?) or surrealism.

Many years ago I visited the Liverpool Tate's first exhibition, which happened to be minimalism. I spent ages in what was quite a small set of pieces, and absolutely loved it. The exhibits were childishly easy to reproduce (such as a stack of 64 bricks called "Sixty-four bricks") - what was brilliant was the thought behind the work, the effort that had gone into rendering complex ideas in the most simple, detail-less ways whilst retaining the essential essence of the creative urge.

That sounds awfully pretentious, and I rarely speak like that out loud, but what it means is that a pile of bricks was actually the artist exploring ways of creating as much as possible within strict self-imposed rules (he(?) set himself the task of creating different patterns with bricks, but they had to be square, and they had to consist of exactly 16 bricks, so the "pile" was really two layers of bricks, each layer made of two squares, and all four squares had different patterns in them).

If you just walk through a minimalist gallery, you won't get it.

If you stop and read the information that goes with each, you should get it.

(Even so, I do often walk away from a piece of Art and think... he got paid for that?)
ewilhelm10 years ago
I'm proud to be on the "They Like It" list. I laughed out loud, and I forwarded your Instructable to someone because I knew they would love it. I would have marked this one up even if I didn't know you personally. On balance, there are 12 people that like it. I think all the great boundary-pushing Instructables get their strong detractors and have lots of "-" ratings. I've always felt that it's better to have people hating your work than just ignoring it. On a longer discussion, and only as an side not to derail this thread, I'm not sure negative ratings benefit the site, and we're considering going to a "+" or "flag for some concrete reason" model.
randofo (author)  ewilhelm10 years ago
That would be better. Unless, instead, you keep "-" ratings and create a special feature section for "least popular" Instructables... that might balance things out... in the force.
ewilhelm randofo10 years ago
Oh, we already have that!:


tag on a &reverse=true to the sortings, some of them become very interesting...
I love the unpopulars! Although, since the new system, they are just 'used-to-be' ibles... not quite as good...
Patrik zachninme10 years ago
Here's another misunderstood artiste who's in need of some of your luvin...

How to make some simple things impossibly thick

Sure, it's not exactly what one might call an "instructable", but it's interesting and moving nonetheless.
Goodhart Patrik10 years ago
I have a brother who is impossibly thick LOL
randofo (author)  ewilhelm10 years ago
Wait... why not show who is posting negative comments? I think if people dislike something enough that they click the "-" button, everyone should know who they are.
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