Why do you like instructables?

Why is it that you are attached to this site?I would like to know the different things that keep you here.My reason is that it has so many cool,DIY projects.I also have many friends here.My questions have been answered within an hour.It is a caring community.

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EPL8 years ago
i like it because i like to share what i have discovered and share it. also, it is censored unlike other websites you get on the internet. i also like to see what other people have made. contests are fun, too.
bylerfamily (author)  EPL8 years ago
skunkbait8 years ago
Several projects I googled sent me here. Finally I broke down and gave the site a good look-through. I'd never really been an online-community type person, but ibles changed that. I like the fact that we can share thoughts and ideas without (much) fear of mockery. I like that people with years of experience are willing to give consistently good advice for free. The international nature of the membership here is refreshing. It helps me get back in touch with cultures I had lost contact with (due to my current stationary circumstances). The regulars here are the best. I've gotten all kinds of help and support from y'all, and that means a lot. Also, the tolerant nature of most posters is refreshing. Despite my right-wing, constitutional, libertarian politics- all the left-wingers have been respectful and polite. (Thanks Kelsey!) And despite my strong attention to theology, the agnostic/atheist/skeptics have been very tolerant. (The list of folks who need to be thanked is too long for one post, but you know who you are.) Lastly, I think it's cool that on ibles, age means little. I've had great conversations with folks from 12 to 70 something. Everyone seems to respect the thoughts and experiences of others. That makes ibles AWESOME!
bylerfamily (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Doctor What8 years ago
I came for the projects, and stayed for the community. People here think alike, but totally different. People here value others opinions, but will state their own. People here will give you advice, and tell you not to follow it.
(I wrote an entire paper for speech class on it)
bylerfamily (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
I wrote a report on Instructables :D
Care to share it?
bylerfamily (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Hm.Possibly I could.It was not very long so it could not hold many details.
I like instructables.
E-R-IC8 years ago
it's not like youtube where everyone swears
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