Why does Everyone have the same thing in their avatar?

Kiteman, Had it, Now everyone had it, Continuing my tradition of asking stupid questions and making topics for no apparent reason. Let it begin >:)

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Kiteman8 years ago

The site has at least 18 billion members, many of them real human beings. They haven't all coincidentally chosen the same image.
ReCreate (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
18 billion members? the planet has 80 billion people do you think that 10+% of the worlds population would register at instructables?
Try 6.5 billion world population.
ReCreate (author)  yourcat8 years ago
Ok, Do you think that 200+% of the worlds population would register at instructables?

I think 18 *million* might be a better number for the other one (although I don't actually know).
ReCreate (author)  yourcat8 years ago
Oh 18 Million population, Do you think that 5000% of the worlds population would register?
No, 18 million people registered on ibles.
ReCreate (author)  yourcat8 years ago
oh...I get it now XD
yourcat yourcat8 years ago
6.5 billion world population.
Where did you get the number 80 billion?
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