Why does Kiteman Have an ocean in his avatar?

ಠ ̯ ಠ

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I like water. If I look out my window, I can see water almost every day(No, it doesn't rain here a lot in Summer)
i do too! there's condensation in the air, so wherever we go, there's water XD LAWL (I'm a dork)
ReCreate (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Where are you, in the middle of the ocean?
No, there's a pond in my backyard =P
ReCreate (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
XD lol i get it now?
bumpus8 years ago
My you sure are a sharp one, picking up these alleged subtle clues.. Slowly piecing them together.. What have you got so far? Conspiracy-wise?
ReCreate (author)  bumpus8 years ago
What i got so far is nothing.
ReCreate (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
Oh and that the instructables members are very random.
True randomness is a rare creature.
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