Why does it hate me?! (plus an actual question)

I'm trying to make something for an instructable but my sewing machine must be out to get me! The zig-zag stitch will not work and just ends up as a straight line. I was sewing it like that for a while and it worked but then on the bottom the tread from the top kept getting all bunched up. It will also skip stitches and generally is trying to make me mad. I've tried changing the stitch length and width and type and adjusting the tension but it still won't work right! What might be the problem with it?

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I'd completely de-thread the machine and start all over. Rewind the bobbin and everything. If your machine has "default" settings, I'd put it back on those and then switch it to a zig-zag. But also: what sort of material are you sewing? That could be causing a problem, based on the foot, needle or thread you're using...
Sunbanks (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
I've rewinded the bobbin and things. I'll try putting it on auto and switching to zig-zag. I'm sewing a sheet, I'm pretty sure I've sewn this type of material before without any problems but ever since my friend used our sewing machine to make a blanket it hasn't been the same.
Hmm, Nacho may be right....if the "last thing to be sewn on it" worked, but was very heavy, the cam is probably bad....Jessy indeed has posted the way to start trouble shooting it though. Start from scratch, run the machine a bit, then switch to the settings you want....if it still doesn't work, you may need to seek a repair person.
I wish I knew how to use a sewing machine. The wallets I make would be done sooooooo much faster if I had one. I know they aren't that expensive, but I know I would have to have someone give me a lesson on how to use them or else I'd sew my hands together or something crazy.
Sunbanks (author)  completegeek9 years ago
I love those wallets :D If you got a sewing machine having someone teach you how to use it would be a good idea, it would make learning all the stuff you need to know a lot easier than just like reading the directions. And then you wouldn't sew your hands together. Because that would hurt D:
Flumpkins9 years ago
Maybe it's camera shy :D
REA9 years ago
NachoMahma9 years ago
. You may have stripped or otherwise broken a cam. IIRC, the cam for moving the needle back and forth is in the head. . I'd try jessyratfink's start-from-ground-zero approach first.