Why I Am Not Posting Anything

Well, we just got back from a vacation in Italy from my grandma's house, and my mom is always saying that there are dog hairs in grandma's house, thats dirty, and she's allergic to dogs, it needs to be washed, blahdiblahdiblah! And because i kinda lost skills thanks to the waiting. (We're now 3 weeks further, still not washed) Sorry to you guys, hopefully i will get it back soon. Oh, and my computer crashed, thats a reason too. -Viccie.B1993-

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sprout_less8 years ago
please post your V3 rifle
Owenmon8 years ago
Haha, I'm allergic to dogs too. and cats and dust mites. lmao

But I still have a dog. I don't really care anymore if my nose is always stuffed. XD
no worries man i havent posted any thing in awhile but i will
Lol, i'm already back man, check the posting date. :P
lol my bad
No worrys :-)
was it plugged in properly
Lol ;)
The Jamalam8 years ago
=( Hope to see you soon! You have MSN or facebook? If not, GET DEM NAO!
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