Why is my Instructables getting so many views?

My 6 cent pocket knife one. Its getting 50-100 views every day, how are these people finding it? Is there a way to check were they are coming from? I know you can click stats, but that hasn't been updated in months.

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Kiteman9 years ago
You sound like you're complaining! Personally, I'd lay the "blame" on your key words: # pocket # knife # penny # nickle # vice # sanding # grinding # black # smith # easy # cheap # fun # sharp # hammer # throwing # blue # survival That set is pretty good for bringing your project up on a lot of different searches. Once the title turns up on a google list, the title will attract a lot of idle curiosity.
zachninme9 years ago
Most instructables get this. It seems to just be random googling & the site's users. Instructables does incredibly well on google, for "how to make a pocket knife" you're #3.
Im always stumbling across mine, like i was googling for some info on teh aliens pulse rifle, and i found two of my gun projects!
Lftndbt gmjhowe9 years ago
Yeah sure, googling for aliens pulse rifle eh? Sure it wan't "gmjhowe"? LoL
gmjhowe Lftndbt9 years ago
well, if you ever tried googling 'gmjhowe' you will find alot more than just a few projects incl all the big blogs that ive made it onto! :P
ChrysN9 years ago
Yes, I think it's google searches, I wonder why instructables does so well? My origami dragon comes up on the first page, and there are a lot of origami dragons out there. I get ~100 hits a day, and it wasn't featured or rated highly. Just check the referrers, some other website may have posted a link too, like a blogger etc.
Lftndbt ChrysN9 years ago
You can purchase higher position in google searches... I would assume I'bles.com pays its way to the top of the search lists... Could be wrong. that's all I can think of though.
Maybe it's on a website or something.
DJ Radio9 years ago
because- its something that people are interested in, it is written good, and has clear pictures
caitlinsdad9 years ago
I think the stats are updated frequently. If you look at the referrers, those are the main sites that seemed to have posted or linked to your ible. I find it interesting to click on those on the list and many will bring you to a page where your project has been featured or linked. Word spreads quite easily through blogs and searches. Your ible may show up in the related projects on the sidebar for whatever someone is looking at. It's cool to see something take off and see where it is mentioned.
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