Why is the use of bulleted list's glitchy?

I like to use bulleted list's when creating documents, but am having inconsistent results using the HTML tags <ul><li> within the Instructables editor. Initially when editing an intro page if I enter the tags the formatting doesn't appear in the preview, however if I view the full page and then return to the editor the bulleted list is displayed. This doesn't seem to work though for subsequent steps. I have viewed other contributors ibles where bulleted and numbered list formatting was sucsessfully implemented, what am I doing wrong? (yes I'm using closing tags)

technovative (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the response Kiteman. No, I'm not a pro member. It would be helpful for us old school HTML types to have a specific list of tags and or code that free members can use (if any). Obviously I can use a trial and error approach, but a list would save time and be appreciated.
If you're creating an Instructable, the available functions are at the top of the editor, and if you are posting a comment, hit the "rich editor" button to see what is available to you.
Kiteman4 years ago
Are you a pro member? Some of the editing & formatting features are restricted perks.