Why is there a knex gun here?

Good group but why the knex gun ?

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Doctor What8 years ago
No one knows. I believe it all leads back to the first knex gun posted on instructables.
(your name here) must be every knex hater's worst enemy atm....
Not really.... I don't think he initially thought it would be this big nyways, and the K'nexers' other really annoying qualities (say, terrible grammar & spelling (coming from a foreign country is NOT an excuse, as you might already know I'm from Indo and English is my fourth language) ) is not really because of him.
Well, looking at your friend "the_Teacher_is_dead_haha", It would probably be excuse enough. Terrible grammar can happen to everyone, not just knexers.
True, but the majority of non-K'nexers who actually use this site on a regular basis have good grammar. The majority of K'nexers who use this site on a regular basis, on the other hand, have terrible grammar.
Jesus. Camisado8 years ago
mehaswellgrammer jk lol i have good grammer
Camisado Jesus.8 years ago
Meh, whatever.
Jesus. Jesus.8 years ago
i just can't spell very well
Most of the non knexers are just ppl who post 7 or 8 comments, maybe an ible or forum, then never come back.
I disagree.
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