Why is this website so insanely laggy?!?

Why is it that on my mac, instructables is so laggy, not slow, but it's laggy on my browser? Like even if I click my middle button to open an instructable or post in a new tab, it freezes for a few seconds while it trys to load and I get a spinny cursour. Even youtube videos and other embedded videos don't play full speed on here. I got a 1.2ghz ibook g4 with 512 of ram and I was pretty sure that was fast enough.

Bran10 years ago
This just currently happened? Instructables has lagged (waited 10 minutes for it to load, then it timed out) before but recently. My guess is if it isn't a problem on our ends, then maybe they are doing something to the servers.
acer73 Bran10 years ago
Ya i kept getting 404's and it was very irritating. I have firefox
Punkguyta (author)  Bran10 years ago
Well it's been like this for some time, like probably since I joined but it wasn't even that bad then. It's the type of formating they use to host this website.