Why the Advancements in Knex Gun Technology Have Stopped

     I, as many other members of the online k’nex gun making community may have, noticed that particular aspects of k’nex weaponry have stopped evolving. The very best k’nex guns of today are guns such as the TR18, the ZKAR, and other far shooting, rapid-fire guns. Now that’s fine, but other aspects of guns have stopped evolving, and innovation has been halted. This is ironic considering many of our communities best builders belong to forum with innovation in its name, and we have so many builders advocating innovation in everything they say. The reason for this lack of new ideas is that the members of our community are not sharing their ideas with each other and encouraging others to build off them. I will explain this theory in my following paragraph.
      Out of everything that has been made in the world, it was all developed because people want to top each other and people build off of each other’s ideas and accomplishments. Unfortunately, this is not happening in the k’nex online community. The biggest example is the everlasting KI/Instructables rift that has separated k’nex builders since even before the creation of Knex Innovation. No knexer even thinks of sharing the guns they’re developing with a knexer of the opposing site. Even bigger than that though, is the reluctance to share ideas with anyone. How many times have you seen people anywhere saying that they are building a new gun, but they won’t share pictures because they’re scared of people copying them? This is what hampers all creativity and innovation. If people cannot build off the ideas of other people, we will never advance. Sure we’ve gotten this far off people’s successful ideas that they’ve posted, but imagine how far we could be if everyone shared their failures as well. We could fix the guns that others could not get to work. Imagine all the possibilities if every single mech anyone ever tried to make was open to the public to use and improve on. Now this happens not only in Instructables where everyone goes crazy if they think someone even slightly copied their gun, and never shares their ideas with others except for those rare collaborations. This also happens at KI where there is a whole “secret forum” that the most experienced builders and contest winners get to see, where they post their ideas where all the other builders can’t see them. This selfishness needs to end so that we can continue innovating and creating new guns and ideas.

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i just pulled out the knex again today working on a shotgun!
Sketch986 years ago
no knexer would ever think to share their gun with a knexer of the other site

Better not tell myself about my other personality's new secret gun then. Oh noes schizophrenia.
If you look around, you'll notice there is a forum thread with an invitation to the KI chat, as well as another about the semi auto gun they recently developed there.
Please tell all the KIers this, they keep their designs to themselves and their secret KI chatrooms.
jollex (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
Lol, no they don't. They share their designs in their public KI chatroom.
They told me to go away and leave them alone
jollex (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
Then you probably annoyed them. It's not like you have to listen to them.
I literally went onto KiChat, said Hi and then they said go away and bye to me.
jollex (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
They do that to everyone. You have to learn to not care about what they say.
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