Why the stipulation of using the Arduino IDE, and not the Arduino hardware?

I see that the new Arduino contest rules stipulate that your project must use the Arduino IDE. I was actually thinking of making a cool new Instructable using an Arduino Mega, but using avr-gcc instead of the Arduino "framework". Would that be permissible for entry into this contest?

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jarv348 years ago
the arduino IDE is a neat little IDE for quick prototypes. It's nice for lowering the bar for hobbyists interested in microcontrollers. You will run into issues however if you need any special compile options for avr-gcc, also you may need to tweak the preferences file if you need to use a special clock setting or anything like that. It also may lock you into using the arduino libs (not sure about that one) which may limit your hardware choice if you are trying to conserve flash memory.
oskay jarv348 years ago
Our motivation was to make sure that no one had to make any particular purchase (or any purchase at all) to participate in the contest. The restriction puts bounds on the contest, but still leaves a lot of hardware options open. If you'll notice, purely software projects, even modifications to the Arduino IDE (for example, adding a method to use your own compile options) can be entered.
cyberoidx oskay8 years ago
So Could we make it using an Atmega128 or Atmega16? We're students from India and have development boards, but then we code in C using avr - gcc. Could we apply for this, or will we have to port to arduino?
You can use ANYTHING that uses the arduino's language. That means if you can use the language found on the arduino.cc website on it, it is eligible.
Kiteman8 years ago
You need to ask this as a comment on the contest announcement.
oskay Kiteman8 years ago
If it can be done in AVR-GCC, then you can (almost always) copy and paste your code into the Arduino IDE and run it there. You know, stuff in main before the main loop goes into setup() and stuff in the main loop goes in loop(), etc.

That's how I write most of my "Arduino" code, anyway. ;)
matthewbeckler (author)  oskay8 years ago
Yeah, I suppose the old copy-paste method would work, but the project I've got in mind would be rather demanding of hardware resources, would require the Arduino Mega (or equivalent AVR chip), would require adding on external RAM, require multiple (if not all) timer resources, etc. The Arduino is a great prototyping system and has saved me countless hours in the prototyping stage, but sometimes I want/need to remove all the unknown and invisible background stuff that's going on, and just work on the "raw metal" as it were. If the official ruling is that the Arduino IDE is required for this contest, then I'll be more than happy to make a cursory effort to shoe horn the finished product into the Arduino IDE. Just thought I'd get some clarification. Thanks for your comments!
Perhaps you should think about scaling back your project and saving it for a bigger contest with a longer due date. But, what you've got planned sounds like something amazing!
That sounds like an atrocious idea! I think that short deadlines and stressed resources are what turn a contest like this one into something magical!

I say the bigger, more difficult projects are what give this contest validity and 'mat_the_w' should smash his competitors with his mighty brain! :D
Yeah, you're right. Show us what you've got!
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