WiFi Jammer

Alright, I have this friend of mine who is really into pranks, and loves messing with my computer and the computers of his college roommates, so I'm trying to come up with a way to jam his WiFi to get back at him.  I'm not planning on doing anything illegal with it, just trying to mess with him and get him back for all of his shenanigans. Haha

To be a bit of help, I have heard/read on google that it is possible to jam a WiFi signal (which usually runs at 2.4 GHz) with a modified cordless phone, also running at 2.4 GHz.

Any ideas?


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Well, I noticed when I hooked up my Swann wireless video camera, it inadvertently jammed our household wifi. Not sure what else might do that. It is the same one I used in this video.
jim_20004 years ago
Well it's sort or illegal to buy, sell or use jammers in the US. However the fine is only $16k per day. http://transition.fcc.gov/eb/jammerenforcement/jamfaq.pdf
Arano7 years ago
the best way to jam his wifi would be to make a sender that produces noise... the most important thing is that your sender is strong... i think...
kelseymh Arano7 years ago
Yup, strong and felonious! That's the best method.
.  I'm not a real big Jazz fan, but I like a lot of Felonious Monk's work.