Wii Animal crossing friend codes

I play ac cf (thats city folk version) on the wii and i wanted to trade friend codes with anyone who owns a wii i think that my town is pretty cool but needs more trees so if you do come to my town bring a fruit so i can plant it and you will recieve 5,000 bells for 1 fruit that is not a coconut or peach my friend code on ac is 1934-8269-8544 my wii friennd code is 5299 5667 3682 8193 please reply back with animal crossing friend code and wii friend code THANKS : - )

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Lowney7 years ago
Hey, I just restarted my game again, I have "Let's go to the city" but I think it's only the names that differ. Unfortunately, I too have peaches as my native fruit. However, here's a tip to get foreign fruit fast:
Just pick some of your native fruit, and send it to one of your neighbours as a present in a letter. Chances are, they will reply with an attached fruit that is not native! If it doesn't work the first time, just keep doing it, I intend to do it until I can outnumber the number of peach trees with apple trees, because those are just cooler ;)

And since you can have 200 trees, each holding a value of 1500 bells worth of fruit, that means 300,000 bells every 3 days!!!

I'll add you, and because I have an almost complete catalogue (I imported from the DS), if you desperately need furniture or whatnot, come to my town and for a small extra fee I will order your item if you cover the cost! I reccomend the trainset lol, because it's awesome.

The best way to earn money though is the stalk market.
nbagf (author)  Lowney7 years ago
which did you add me as? a wii friend or a animal crossing friend if ac or wii i need your code also
Lowney7 years ago
I tried adding you but I need the name of your town!

My CF friend code is: 

My Wii friend code is:

My town name is:
Red Fall

I'm afraid my local fruit is peaches and coconuts so I can't bring anything :(

nbagf (author)  Lowney7 years ago
i just added u so im now waiting for u to add me or for u to come to my town
nbagf (author)  Lowney7 years ago
my name of town is phoenix
im not home now so it might also be pheonix
try either one
Lowney7 years ago
Boy this is gonna sound really stupid and all, but when I click "Friend Code" my game just says "You do not have a friend code". So how do I "get" one? Thanks!
Lowney7 years ago
Again, I couldn't reply (wtf?), here it goes: I have expanded my house twice on City folk, and I have the biggest house on DS (But I NEVER EVER play that so I won't add you). I think I'm doing quite well on City folk because I've paid off two mortgages already and I've only been playing for 4 days lol
Lowney7 years ago
I couldn't reply to your comment so I'll write here. At the moment, my Wii is at Nintendo because it is being repaired, so I couldn't add you!
nbagf (author)  Lowney7 years ago
how soon will it be back cause olease add me as both ok? and also how big is your house on ac? and off topic do you by any chance play playcrafter?