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Here are my wii friend codes Quantum of Solace: 3609-5355-8761 Buy this game! Then post yours! Animal Crossing: 4511-4786-9191 Post yours! Brawl: Will Post Later. Please Post yours! Rockband2: Will Post Later. Please Post yours! Please post your own! BB

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Kiteman8 years ago
My in-laws bought the boys a Wii for Christmas. They have yet to switch it on at home, and I have yet to read the manual properly, but how easy is it to get online with it? (I have wireless broadband)
Bartboy (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Pretty simple, I am using the wii internet channel right now, witch costs 5 $ us, so about 3 pounds for you (in canada the price for wii points is very odd, it changes all the time) Go to the wii settingin the bottom left of the wii menu, click on settings, scroll over one, go to internet, go to connection settings, click on one of the three, click wireless, click search for an access point, then click on whatever one you want. If you have a password, it gets a little more complicated (I had to set up one without one just for this purpose) but it should still work. It will ask you to uupdate, witch you should, then you are free! To play games online, some games you must make an account for, but for games like Animal crossing and smash bros brawl, yo don't need one. Just click on the Nintendo WFC button on the in-game menu, and you're good to go! If you want to play online with certain people, click friend roster, then write down your "wii friend code" and then exchange it with someone elses. That's what I've done here. The games I would suggest are, IF they like/are allowed shooting games, I suggest THe new James Bond, but they might be a bit young for it. Animal crossing is a good game, but most people either love it or hate it. Smash Bros. Brawl Is another great game, but It's a little violent (but apparently Adrian Monk likes it!) If they aren't hard-core gamers, Super Mario Galaxy might be good. Rockband is something that most kid's love, and the teen rating is because of the lyrics. My parents actually enjoy this one. Wii fit is another great game (Yes! I have it!), but almost impossible to get. Mario Kart is also fun, but I tried it, and it's one of those games that aren't my style. They probably would like it though. And lastly, wii points cards are GREAT (if you have an internet connection) because it allows the kids to choose from a list of over 300 games, That are all under 15 $ US. If you were to buy them, I would suggest just buying them with a US credit card, because stores in the UK tend to charge about the same as the ones in Canada, but they really charge double, because of the exchange rate. You would get a much better deal that way. Hope you enjoy, and the game wii play is a must, because of the controller it comes with, and the games are really quite fun. Hapy New year, Bartboy You CAN use a USB keyboard with the internet channel, once you update the wii.
internet chanell is free now you can get your cash back
Bartboy (author)  KNEXFRANTIC7 years ago
I never paid for it, I downloaded it the day it came out and it was free back then.
i didnt maybe difrent realse date for diffrent areas because my brother got it before me and paid for it
Bartboy (author)  KNEXFRANTIC7 years ago
I got my wii November 16 2006... The day it was released. Way back then it was free.
i dont know but i htink it must have went free pay free
OR install the homebrew channel off a sd card And download Opera for the wii and install Also you can Copy games But i dont reccomend doing tht lol
hey you typed alot for wii internet do u have a keyboard if so where did u get it and how do you use it
Bartboy (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Well, that took me a while. But halfway through, I decided to try my apple keyboard, and it worked! I think any USB keyboard will work.
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