Wii Steering wheel?

Does somebody want to make an instructable on a K'NEX steering wheel for the wii? I am not very good with K'NEX, I'll leave it at that. Thanks -Jawn

Doctor What9 years ago
It would be nice, I bought one with a game. The game sucked, and the wheel was hard and plasticky, and hard to use. I would have to buy knex though.
danymw9 years ago
just make a support for the wiimote,so it's horizontaly. than make a steering wheel and that's all. if i would have a wiimote,i could build something better. https://www.instructables.com/id/KNEX-steering-wheel-for-Xbox-360--wireless-only/?comments=all#CBFSHOMFCEIJ1XR too see what i was talking about.
J_SCAP9 years ago
i might be able to if someone gives me the demenntions of the wiimote (i dont have a wii)