I may have selected a username that not only represents me as a poor speller, but also someone who is unfamiliar with the relative intelligence of the gnu. It's certainly no raven, magpie, or blackbird. (Though cartoons have taught me that laboratory mice and platypi are unusually bright as well.)

Warning: this video contains graphic cuteness and an unsurprising ending.

Picture of Wildebeest
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Love the toon
teribithia4 years ago
Soooo funny.
sidgupta4 years ago
Got a laugh outta that one... Thanks......
blkhawk4 years ago
My mind is in "wildebeest" mode before my first cup of coffee and sometimes the rest of the day! :-)
tdc22024 years ago
That is SOOO cute! And I love the "Bewildebeast" comment! Such wonderful humor! Makes my day!
canucksgirl4 years ago
Oh that was so worth it. lol Thanks for sharing. :)
sunshiine4 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing! I love this! By the way I am thankful for spell check also!

foobear4 years ago
They should be called Bewildebeasts maybe
artfulann4 years ago
I so wish I could show Youtube videos at school...(blocked by our school district)-- this is my student's (middle school) kind of humor!
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