Will I die if I eat "methyl blue?" (Or will my pee turn blue?)

Because who doesn't want to have blue urine? :P

I can remember guzzling food coloring to get the effect, but then I found this.

My question is: Will Methyl Blue give the same effect as Methylene Blue? The MSDS says that methyl blue "may be harmful if swallowed," but that pretty much goes for anything. Wikipedia makes a point to say that "Methyl blue should not be confused with methyl violet or methylene blue, two other stains," and so I know that they are different. How much different is the question here.

Btw, methyl blue is available at your neighborhood pet store in the aquarium section as brown, granular crystals.

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I don't know but if you drink it try putting a piece of carbon paper over each ear and measure the voltage over an open circuit....This is funny but you have to read my instructables to get it!
uguy9 years ago
"may be harmful if swallowed," but that pretty much goes for anything, well some things more than others...."Arsenic" may be harmful if swallowed.
Surely you are kidding!
CameronSS uguy9 years ago
Water may be harmful if swallowed, if you swallow enough. ( Hyperhydration)
Kiteman10 years ago
I always thought methyl blue and methylene blue were the same, but the hazard advice is slightly different:


Still don't drink it.
carbon (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Emergency Overview


And that's for methylene blue, so how is the hazard advice different? Maybe I should be the one to blaze the trail for this. If I don't post in the next month, it didn't work. ; )
Kiteman carbon10 years ago
The emergency advice if you swallow methylene is "induce vomiting", but for methyl it just says "rinse the mouth out".
I wonder Methylene is reactive to HCI - to merit vomit inducing. From the wiki's the chemical structures are very different.

That being said, and saying this again.... It's used as a medical dye.

Here's What I Found in a Quick Google Search. The integrity of the gastrointestinal tract can be evaluated by oral or rectal application of methylene blue.

What's More Here is a Methylene Blue Drug. Notice the side effects: ...This medication causes the urine, stools and possibly skin to turn green-blue in color. Do not be alarmed. Expect this effect. The discoloration will disappear when the medication is stopped.

This of course is for this chemical in it's medical grade form. Non medical grade (like the flake fish treatment) is VERY likely to be contaminated with some nasty side effects.

Lastly, I will attest to the drugs effectiveness at turning your wastes blue. There's a similar drug that has a similar side effect - turning your wee an orange color (much better/less scary than blood red - believe me).
IIRC, inducing vomiting for poisons is recommended unless it will do damage on the way back up the esophageal tract (which means it has already done some damage on the way down).
carbon (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
So, to sum up: Methyl blue has a very different chemical structure, does not have a record for being safe to ingest, and is probably laden with all kinds of nasty stuff (my source at the pet store, at least).

I guess I'll just use what I have left ( I ate some o.O ) to make my own light filters. Hmmm...I smell an Instructable : )
They have slight differences and because of this, they should not be confused one with the other. Quote: Methylene blue should not be confused with methyl blue, another histology stain, new methylene blue, nor with the methyl violets often used as pH indicators.
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