Will "preformatted" text be fixed for existing 'ibles?

Just noticed today that the instances of preformatting I've included in past instructables don't display correctly. The three-bracket "tag" that works like the "pre" tag in HTML...

Currently, it changes to a fixed width "courier"-like font, but no returns in the formatting are recognized, so the text just disappears off the right column (and doesn't wrap, either.)

Same for old formatting in the 'ible comments, too. No returns in the PDF, either...

gmoon (author) 8 years ago
Slightly off-topic, but I've also noticed that PMs don't retain any returns.

Sent a couple in the last 24 hours (without any formatting at all) and the paragraphs are gone... i.e., the text remains, but no separation.
lemonie gmoon8 years ago
Yes, I noticed that.

Kiteman gmoon8 years ago

A recent semi-lengthy exchange I had ended up looking very odd.