Will someone draw this for me?

I want a picture of a man in white kneeling and a man in a black suit with a sword putting the sword on the kneeling man's head.
I would prefer this to be in a manga kinda style, but any style will be ok. It doesn't matter how long it takes, but sooner is better.

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RoboTable3 years ago

I decided to go with 'any style.' Your welcome.

Also please don't use the picture outside of personal use without my explicit permission.

Thank you!

One sec, I don't think that uploaded properly...

Trying this again...

I have one last idea

Please remember my original terms of use in the first comment, thank you!


it's..... abstract??????

metalshiflet (author)  RoboTable3 years ago

I posted it all over the internet already

Dude, really? Do you think you can create long-term business relations with that attitude?