Will the PS3 come out on top in a couple years?

The X-Box 360 is evidently doing better now, but will the technical potential for the PS3 make it come out the better console in a few years? Explain?

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gateon7 years ago
The biggest thing xbox has over ps3 is the law of demand...lower price= greater quantity bought--->more games=even more sales.
trebuchet039 years ago
Personally, I think sony went over the top with the PS3... They've never won a media battle - so they really need to push Blu-Ray. What they did was very revolutionary as far as computing goes (comparatively very cheap to a non console application). But I think it's too far ahead of it's time. The components aren't cheap enough to be price competitive.... Perhaps in the next console generation, the PS3 will be competitive. That doesn't necessarily mean successful though. All that said, I personally prefer Blu-Ray over HDDVD.... Not because the quality of movie, but because of the potential storage capacity. Hopefully the PS3 doesn't kill that :p
DevlinTr9 years ago
Well, I have all three of the new game systems. If you don't believe me then that's cool. I prefer the PS3 over the other two. the main argument against the PS3 is that there aren't as many good games for it as there are for the X-Box 360. While this is true, the PS3 has the new Metal Gear coming out which is AMAZING, and there are rumors that they are remaking Final Fantasy VII for the PS3. If they did that I would be VERY happy that I got a PS3.
thejrb9 years ago
What makes the ps3 controllers funky?
zachninme9 years ago
I think the PS3 will classify as a next-gen console when that time comes around, so when MS makes the Xcube or whatever, the sony should be able to stick to the PS3. Being ahead of the game isn't all that good, however, theres obvious disadvantages.
I got me an xbox yesterday :D They're fantastic :D
thejrb9 years ago
Heres something Performance: On paper, the PS3 is more powerful. In reality, it’s quite inferior to the 360. Without getting into too many details, the three general-purpose CPU’s the xbox360 has are currently FAR easier to take advantage of than the SPU’s on the PS3. I suspect a few years down the road some high budget, first party PS3 exclusive titles will come out that really take advantage of the SPU’s and do things the XBOX 360 can’t, but I don’t think the console is worth buying based on this speculation (for some it will be though, we'll have to wait and see how these games turn out). Hopefully yes.
Punkguyta9 years ago
Chances are it probably will at some point as the ps2 rivaled the original xbox.