Will the finalists in the leather contest ever be announced?

The title says it all. The contest should originally have ended the same time as the PUMPKIN CHALLENGE and PRESERVE IT! CONTEST but it have been changed to end november 11. If that is the case shouldn't the finalists have been announced by now?

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Kiteman2 years ago

Judging takes time, and if some of the judging is being done by a sponsoring company, it can take even longer (the projects will not be as high a priority for the company as they are for the site or the people who wrote them).

This has always been a problem, ever since sponsored contests began, but I cannot see any way to solve it; complaining at the person paying for the contest does not make them want to come back and repeat the experience.

I can't find a link to the Leather Contest. I was watching it while it was live and promoted it in the big leather guild I belong to which many were happy to hear about and I assume some probably entered... but I can no longer find a link to look at all the entries. Will it be re-linked once the judging is finished?

Sometimes contests don't show up on the normal Contest page, but you should always be able to find all of them in the Contest Archive :)

Also, here is the link for the Leather Contest: https://www.instructables.com/contest/leather2015/

Andersenleather (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Okay that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying. I'll just have to wait :)

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