Will there be more in future can we make owr own contests?

Will there be any more USB contests in future can we make owr own contestsin future with prizes?

Picture of Will there be more in future can we make owr own contests?
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churchman (author) 7 years ago
I am now working on a new project An actual UFO flying saucer
that you can go inside and fly it I am going to make it worthy of space travel and I am learning how to jump to light speed!
nickodemus7 years ago
It was a very popular contest, I think they'll make another one someday.

By the way, is the picture somehow related?
churchman (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
What picture?

The image I have attached...

Does it not appear on your screen? If you didn't add it to the topic, it must be a bug.
churchman (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
Its my desktop pic I made it with pics off of clubpenguin.com online
churchman (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
Oh that pic yes it is related
(more than you think) lol
Kiteman7 years ago
1. Don't know.

2. Yes. It is quite legitimate to run your own contest, as long as you actually have the prizes you offer. Some people run small patch contests in the forums (I've done several), a couple of people have provided actual material, cash-value prizes for contests they run themselves and require instructables to be published.

Have a look at the Dinosaur contest to see.
churchman (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Hey I see you all the time on thos other instructibles man you famous!!
Apparently so...