Will you sign your username and scan it and post it here...for a super cool avatar? Please?

Hey guys, will everyone who sees this thread sign their username (NOT your real name!) on a sheet of paper and then scan it and save it as a jpg and post it here? I plan to take all the signatures I receive and put them all in one picture. People can use it as an avatar, instructables can use it if they want to for some reason...etc.


EDIT: Yay! I have 6 so far. Thanks, everybody! Keep em comin! :D

EDIT: 10 signatures counting my own! Including a genuine ibles celebrity's!

EDIT: 12 siggies!

EDIT: 14!

EDIT: 15!

EDIT: 18 and counting!!

EDIT: 20 including ewilhelm and canida's!!!!

EDIT: 24!

Can somebody help me get the transparent versions of signatures that have dark backgrounds? ll.13 did his, which helped, but I need help with some of the others. I think you just have to patiently erase all the background away. Right, ll.13?

EDIT: 27 at last count, I'm sure it's well over 30 now, they're coming in faster than I can make new ones. So I'll just wait for a bit to make a new version. And of course volunteers who work on the backgrounds are very much appreciated! Thank you very much guys!

Picture of Will you sign your username and scan it and post it here...for a super cool avatar? Please?
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account3r25 years ago
Is this forum still active? I'll scan mine soon, then...
No, sorry.

The signatures all went to make a T-shirt for Goodhart.
Oh. Okay, thanks for a quick reply.
I can't believe this forum topic has 799 comments. (Including this one)
Lithium Rain (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
You shouldn't-it has 800 now. ;)
801 now
813 :D ... but 4 years late
bounty10127 years ago
Here's mine. I couldn't scan it sorry.
.  You're almost two years late. ;)
Yea, I forgot this topic was here and I finally found my camera.
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