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Hello everyone. I'd just like to offer the service of project construction. I know a lot of people have great ideas that they want someone to make for them. I would be willing to make these projects. I am pretty good at soldering and know about how to construct circuits (I can do electronics). I don't know how good I am at other types of projects or what people would want, so just ask! Finally, I'd be willing to construct these for free on just one condition. I'd like to be able to sell kits of what ever the project is. I'm looking to open up an online store and need some projects to do. Even if you don't want me to sell it I probably would still do it for free. Thanks, and someone please have a project! :-)

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agerbeek6 years ago

I am looking for Electrical Engineering person,
To create a custom digital clock and calendar device.

Its not something I want to sell a kit for and I do want to pay for the services.
It is basically a custom designed digital clock made of 7 segment led number displays.
I need TIME, (hours, min, seconds) and DATE, (month, day, year)

It is fairly simple and is more about the arrangement of the segment led display components in a custom configration.

I will make the housing, I just need the inside working parts on a board.

please let me know if you are interested and can do easily.
where are you located?

Steveastrouk might be able to help you, he has a similar circuit already designed and working that might be adaptable to your needs, if the price is right.
I have $500 budget for this.
its basically sourcing and putting TIME, (hours, min, seconds) and DATE, (month, day, year) 2 inch 7 segment led number displays in a certain pattern on a board like about 14 inches x 14 inches.
the one odd thing that is different then a normal clock is that the led number displays will not be right next to each other in a straight horizontal line.

other specs i can think of are its to be battery powered, and have set time controls on back.
Yes, dead easy. Been there, done that. Is this daylight visible or what ?

Daylight visible, yes. Bright as possible. it can be plug in too of that's better.
When can you do it if I can send design by next week. I would also need you to source all the parts.
I'm in new York city where are you or what time zone?
jakehooks9 years ago
awesome, thanks
jakehooks9 years ago
OK, I want a box for my motorcycle, one 1/8" headphone jack out, 3 or 4 in, with priority so i can listen to my ipod on input 3, but when my 2 way radio clicks in on input 1, in 3 gets cut off and i only hear in 1. just a switch that switches inputs when a higher priority signal comes through. an a,b,c switch that shuts off b and c when a comes through and c when b comes through. what do you think? thanks
Gjdj3 (author)  jakehooks9 years ago
I'm out of town right now but i'll look into that when I get home.
ry259209 years ago
How much could i give you to assemble Kip Kay's Laser Flashlight Hack? Or, Icinnamon's Pocket-Sized Do-it-all multi-tool Shiny Light (aka Laser). I'm willing to pay for parts and shipping. PM me with info.
Gjdj3 (author)  ry259209 years ago
Okay, I PMed you.
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