Wimshurst Machine + Coil Gun = ?

I recently participated in my school's science fair. My project was about magnetic pulse accelerators(coil guns). I have been thinking about making a Wimshurst machine. Could I attach it to the coil of wire to get a very impressive result?

Sessha5 years ago
i see still a interesting machine
Sessha5 years ago
I'm curious what a Wimshurst machine is but could it be used to boost the output or the capacitor bank..... could it's amperage be boosted with a amplifier?
kelseymh Sessha5 years ago
Did you try typing "Wimshurst machine" into either Google or Wikipedia? Both of them can answer your question (the answer is No, by the way).
Nope. A Wimshurst machine is an electrostatic machine - it can deliver high voltages, but at very, very low currents.