Win This Book!

Hot off the presses!  Papertoy Monsters is a new book with "50 Cool Papertoys You Can Make Yourself!" 

Just pop out one of the fifty pre-printed monsters, fold and glue them together to make an army of paper monsters.  Then use one of the 10 blank templates included to design your own.

Think that's awesome?  So do we!  And we're giving you a chance to win a copy!  Add a comment to the Papertoy Monsters thread on our Facebook feed.  One winner will be randomly selected to receive a brand-spanking new copy of Papertoy Monsters!

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Win Guy6 years ago
Yay I'm the 508th VIEWER! :)
kolivi6866 years ago
50 paper toys is more than enough for me.

Anyway it is well appreciated that the book was launched ...Hatsoff to the team and idea behind this
Kind of sulking... Appear to have missed the deadline, won't let me add a comment even if I haven't...
bettbee6 years ago
This IS awesome. I hope I win!!