Win a Free Ticket to Maker Faire

Maker Faire is coming soon and we're going to be there. Will you? If you want to go, but haven't gotten a ticket yet, then check out this contest over at CNET where they're giving away 20 tickets to the event.

Read the details below. It can't take you that long to write about DIY and America, right? Go for it and let us know if you win one.

The event's organizers have given me 20 passes to award CNET News readers. And all you have to do to win one is tell me, in 150 words or less, how you would use DIY to remake America (the event's theme).

So, send your 150-words-max ideas to me at daniel(dot)terdiman-*at*-cnet(dot)com by May 8 (please include the words "Maker Faire contest" in your e-mail subject line, as well as your full name in your e-mail), and maybe I'll be seeing you at Maker Faire.

UPDATE: This is for the Maker Faire in California, not Texas.

Win a free ticket to Maker Faire

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___8 years ago
i used to live in austin... when i was 5
fungus amungus (author)  ___8 years ago
this is for the San Mateo, CA one
Gjdj38 years ago
Argh! I hate living so far away from all of the cool DIY events.
dombeef Gjdj38 years ago
Yeah me too
me tree
Derin comodore8 years ago
me four
dombeef Derin8 years ago
Me Fifth
fwjs28 dombeef8 years ago
dombeef fwjs288 years ago
Seventh lol
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