Win a Patch by Subcribing!

After I wrote my first Instructable, I saw that someone had subscribed to me. I thought "Wow, so cool, they liked what I wrote!" Then I saw it was my uncle. Oh well.

Over time more people bolstered my confidence to write more Instrubtables and more people subscribed, and every time someone does I feel great. So for this patch-give-away, I want you to go out and subscribe to 5 people who have written an 'ible you like, (who you have not subscribed to before this time). From my own experience it is especially rewarding if they are new with only an 'ible or two under their belt and have few subscribers - or even none. Nothing makes you feel more included on this wonderful site than to feel your efforts have fans.

So get back to me here (I will believe you) after you have subscribed to 5 (new to you) people and besides a cool patch, pictured below, you will be the first to receive news of new 'ibles from the folks you subscribed to! Subscribing to me does not count.

I have 50 patches to give away - get going!

Picture of Win a Patch by Subcribing!
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Neko-Otaku5 years ago
I subscribed to 5, I don't really care about the patch. I usually don't think about subsribing so this is a good topic, since it actually made me do it. Even if I don't get a badge, thanks.
I have a habit of subscribing to those (especially new persons) I feel have a lot of potential....
Ninzerbean (author)  Neko-Otaku5 years ago
Of course you get a patch. I think you will enjoy the subs because when they do something new you get an email, it keeps you informed.
BLUEBLOBS25 years ago
I have subscribed to 5 people. If you don't have any more patches, it's okay.
jacobz_205 years ago
I like patches!
Ninzerbean (author)  jacobz_205 years ago
You be patched!
if you got the patches, I got the peeps. Much appreciated
U B patched now!
You will have to wait a month, I am on the road without my notes which have the patch codes - sorry, but I won't forget. I could send you a generic one if that will do.
I'm patient. I'm new, with no worries, no followers, and 1 ible. See you in a month. Thanks
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