Win a patch, by typing a word! - ANSWERED

Hello everyone.

As the title said, you could win a patch.

Simply by typing a word.

There is only 1 patch up for grabs.

You're thinking, oh thats simple, ill just write in any random word.

But no...

Not just any word.

A word that is hidden, in this paragraph below.

Its rather hard to find.

Can you find it? :

One day i was walking home from the pub when i tripped up over a loose paving slab. I had really hurt my knee and it was all cut and bruised. I had to call for someone to help, but there was no one around. I reached into my pocket and called a number on my cellphone. I dialed the number 3146134, this was the number of my family doctor. Hes a really nice guy. He answered the phone with a cheery voice, before slamming it on the table and breaking off the call. I weakly stood up and limped home, but before i coukd get there, i got hit by a car.


I guess you are all wondering what the hidden word is. Well I told you before that it was really hard to figure out. So here is the answer:

The family doctor's number was 3146134.
Each number corresponded to a letter somewhere in the paragraph.
The first number was 31. If you count 31 letters into the paragraph, it is the letter 'B'.
The second number was 46. Count the letters and you end up with the letter 'O'.
The third number was 13, this was the letter 'L'.
And the only number left was number 4, which was a letter 'D'.

The special word was 'BOLD'.

Yep, bold, that was the hidden word. Now do go flaming me by saying that was too hard, because if you thought about it for a while, you'dve figured it out.

Unlucky guys, but i will do another contest to win another patch. STAY TUNED.

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Hiyadudez (author) 7 years ago
Read the bold part of the text for the answer.
brainiac1207 years ago
ERRE ES KORRAKAS you have just been cussed out in ancient greek.
DJ Radio7 years ago
A suggestion to improve the riddle- There is no way nobody would have known how many digits went into each number. It could have been 1, 3, or 4 and not 2.

You should probably have made the number a French telephone number, because those get cut up into 2 digits each.
DJ Radio7 years ago
My guess is the word BOLD.
instruct397 years ago
so, who got it right, did anybody?
CrLz7 years ago
Ahhh, you should have let it go longer. It was fun to work on, however.
MegaMetal87 years ago
Do another one of these sometime

Maybe not a puzzle thing but a chance to win a patch
Hidden? said "a word that is hidden" AI
The Jamalam7 years ago
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