Win hundreds of dollars of supplies from Plaid!

Plaid has put up hundreds of dollars of goods for prizes in the DIY Halloween Contest. Win $250 in jewelry supplies by winning the Costume First Prize or $250 in paints for the Decorations First Prize! You can also win $250 worth of supplies from Plaid Craft Express by winning either the Tech or the Craft Grand Prize!

With $250 worth of goods you can make something awesome. In fact, you can make several awesome things! So be sure to enter your best Halloween Instructable, slideshow, or video and win something fantastic.

We can't wait to see what you'll make.

Picture of Win hundreds of dollars of supplies from Plaid!
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Plasmana9 years ago
What's the sigh for?
I won't win anything - I am in the UK.
Move (into a flailing economy that's grasping to money that's not even there!)!
How? I don't have any money...
No money? That's ok, you would still be the wealthiest person in the country (except Chuck Norris).
Right now noone does here! (bwa ha ha ha, bad economy joke)
Doctor What9 years ago
My aunt would love these prizes! I have to get working!