Wind Dam

Architects and designers Chetwoods have proposed building a wind dam. A giant sail would funnel air flowing through a canyon into a wind turbine to generate electricity. The pictures look unreal, even for CAD models, but the idea is pretty cool.

More here at Inhabitat and Ecotality Life.

Picture of Wind Dam
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dmac2088 years ago
ima make one in my house and tell u how it goes
Plasmana8 years ago
That is a really clever idea!
robobadger8 years ago
Wouldn't want to be an engineer on that during a hurricane.
Metallurgy9 years ago
I really think a cone shape would work better...something about the sail just dosen't click with me..Yes, the sail drives the wind to the turbine, but the angle from the point where the wind hits the sail to the turbine, is too steep.
Iwonder would it be possible to scale the thing down. Maybe put it between your house and a shed and generate your own power?
I wouldn't see why not, as long as you could get enough wind potential directed where you wanted it to go.
Kiteman Goodhart10 years ago
Some skyscraper designs I have seen online have gaps in the middle where the building acts as a shroud to funnel wind onto a turbine.
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
The skyscraper idea would probably work better then the ground level idea of between buildings, unless it was very windy there.
so that was you with the lady of the night, a pineapple and a pair of jump leads? titter lol
That was no lady, that was my wife. (with apologies to Henny Youngman)
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